Welcome, Peter Beshai!

Like a low-percentage free-throw shooter, we’re only gonna make one point from this post: Peter Beshai has joined the coop as our newest Open Web Data Visualization Engineer!

Peter is a data visualization developer and a usability enthusiast. After a lifetime of frustration with hard-to-use devices and hard-to-decipher charts, he studied human-computer interaction and information visualization to put an end to these tragic crimes against our senses. This ultimately led to a fun side-project visualizing shooting performance in the NBA called Buckets.

Buckets gained some attention online and ended up landing Peter a job with the Boston Celtics to do more of the same privately for them. After a fantastic year with the Celtics, he has returned to the public domain to continue his passion for teaching and sharing visualizations online at Bocoup.

Besides data visualization, Peter is interested in rock climbing, writing music, learning how to not injure himself, and believe it or not, basketball. Even though Peter’s only been at Bocoup a short while, we can tell this decision was a slam dunk! Help us welcome Peter – check him out on his website, twitter and github.


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