Welcome Matt Surabian

It is with great happiness that we’re rolling out the welcome mat to welcome Matt Surabian to our engineering team!

Matt’s spent his last few years at Ceros (and his entire career) focused on building – and deploying – web applications. He’s also enthusiastic about education, and his development blog is but one example of his efforts to help others learn.

Though Matt will often work with us in Boston at the loft, he’ll also be remote from wherever he’s Scituate‘d at the moment. In addition to using chef, he also used to work as one (like, in a kitchen) and is an avid outdoorman. In fact, he’s even combined all of these varied pursuits into an JavaScript version of Duck Hunt!

We’re super glad that Matt’s decided to bring his skills and talents to Bocoup, and invite you to check out his website and GitHub, and say hi on Twitter.


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