Welcome Jenn Schiffer

Over the past few days, a lot of you have probably heard the rumors that a particular member of the NBA was leaving to join Bocoup. Today, I’m happy to address – and confirm – those rumors and announce that Jenn Schiffer is the newest member of the Coop!

Jenn’s the creator of make8bitart.com and #pixelfies, amongst other code/art projects, and joins us after working as a front-end developer at the NBA, where she helped build the league’s new stats hub. She’s also worked in both teaching and evaluating computer science education at Montclair State University, and regularly speaks at (and hosts!) a number of conferences and meetups, including the recently-launched JerseyScript.

It’s Jenn’s combination of skill, creativity, passion and voice that made the decision to bring her aboard a total slam dunk, and we can’t wait for her first day on April 14th!

In the meantime, say hi to her on Twitter and check out her projects on GitHub. You can read her thoughts on web development on her blog, sandwich.technology, and keep up with her innovations like California Style Sheets and the Ask-A-Cop Responsive Images technique on her other favorite blogging medium, Medium.


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