Welcome Carl Danley

With the beginning of summer upon us, we’re excited to announce the first Floridian addition to our engineering team: Carl Danley!

Carl’s been an active contributor to the WordPress community over the past few years while plying his trade at 10up, all the while his zest for JavaScript growing. He’s also been fairly prolific working on libraries to support his growing NodeBot and NodeCopter habits, like the node-gamepad library for handling input from SNES and PS3 controllers.

Say hi to Carl on a variety of internet websites, including Twitter and GitHub, and spend a few minutes (if not longer) at his blog where he delves into his explorations with robotics, JavaScript, and more. We’ve been fortunate to get to know Carl from around different community events the past few years; we’re positively exuberant that we’ll get to see him more often and work together!


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