Bocoup on Air: Making Robots with JavaScript

In case you missed it, Rick Waldron and I got together recently to talk about Johnny Five, a library that lets you control an Arduino using JavaScript.

Rick showed off some of his Johnny Five creations — including a dancing robot — and I got to geek out a bit more about shift registers and the joy of learning about bitwise operations in JavaScript. We also talked about the future of Johnny Five, including what’s going to have to happen to if we want to be able to step up to wireless communication between JavaScript and Arduinos.

Want to learn more? Check out past Bocoup blog posts about Johnny Five, as well as these links for things we talked about:

  • The Node Serialport library that makes Johnny Five possible.
  • Firmata, the protocol that allows communication with an Arduino via the USB interface.
  • Weak Maps, a data structure of key/value pairs where keys are objects.

We’ve got more Bocoup on Air hangouts planned — follow @bocoup on Twitter, and keep an eye on our Google+ Page. We’ll see you on the internets!


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