Sheila Moussavi

Sheila Moussavi


Sheila is focused on cultivating effective, justice-oriented companies and work spaces. At Bocoup, she leads organizational strategy and operations, and provides strategic support to Bocoup’s partners. In addition to her day to day work at Bocoup, Sheila serves as an Advisory Committee Representative to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), and a Product Advisory Board member for MDN (Mozilla Developer Network).

Since joining in 2019, Sheila has managed the team and led Bocoup’s annual strategic planning process with the goal of aligning our business operations, resources, and practices with our mission and values. She leads the development of corresponding policies focused on social justice, as well as public facing tools like the Bocoup Code of Conduct.

Prior to Bocoup, Sheila held leadership positions in strategy and operations at nonprofits focused on health equity (The Health Initiative, Health Leads) and disability justice (Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education).

She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Vassar College, where she studied social movements. She received her masters degree in International Business, with a focus on Change Management, from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes. Sheila is interested in the intersection between grassroots organizing and formal organizational structures.