Rick is the creator of Johnny-Five, a JavaScript framework for hardware programming on the Node.js platform and is working towards establishing standards for general hardware APIs. Currently supporting Arduino, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Pinoccio, Spark-Core, Light Blue Bean, Intel Galileo and Intel Edison, his work was recently highlighted at Intel's IDF2014. As a jQuery Core committer and former board member of the jQuery Foundation, Rick serves on Ecma TC39 as a representative of jQuery, channeling the project's vast real world experience into contributions to the design the next version of JavaScript.

He also created Idiomatic.js, a baseline JavaScript style guide that has been translated to 12 languages. In early 2012, alongside Adam Sontag, he co-engineered the entire Ringmark/Rng.io mobile browser capability test system. Since December 2010, Rick has been a core committer of Mozilla's Popcorn.js and spent a majority of 2013 working on FirefoxOS. All of Rick's personal work is open sourced under the MIT license and freely available at Github.

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