Peter is a Data Visualization Engineer at Bocoup who takes on data visualization work from start to finish including data analysis, sketching out designs, user testing, and building web applications.

He educates the open source and data visualization communities through blogs posts and presentations, and shares his passion for teaching and disseminating visualizations online.

His name is widely-recognized in the data visualization community for his project visualizing shooting performance in the NBA dubbed Buckets. The online success of Buckets scored him a job with the Boston Celtics where he designed and built a proprietary web tool to enable coaches, scouts, statisticians, and management to quickly access detailed information and visualizations about basketball players and teams.

During an internship at Research in Motion (now BlackBerry) where he was a software developer on the Advanced Technology team, Peter worked on prototypes for research projects and acquired a patent for a user interface design in a web application.

He is actively involved in the data visualization community in Boston, where he is a co-organizer for the Boston Data Vis Meetup along with Bocoup's Irene Ros. With a master's degree in human-computer interaction and educational technology, Peter is ultimately driven to spread and provide access to knowledge and information.