Building and supporting high-availability infrastructure for sites like TMZ and News Corp shaped much of Matt's technical philosophy - namely that executing big ideas requires a healthy team and solid DevOps foundation. Matt knows machines aren't the boss of us and enjoys pushing them around using a variety of programming languages with Go and JavaScript as current favorites.

Matt helps people improve their infrastructure and development workflow both as a consultant at Bocoup and a member of the open source community. He maintains and contributes to many security-focused open source projects like aes-gcm-stream, go-tls, the proxpn-bash-client, viper and tlspark. His main technical interests are performance at scale and security, though he also enjoys dabbling in game development. He was recently certified by HashiCorp in their Vault tool and looks great in a tinfoil hat.

In another life, Matt worked in a professional kitchen; his passion for making (and consuming!) quality food continues to this day. When not coding, cooking, or stuffing his face, Matt enjoys backpacking, hunting, fishing, and working on his 102-year-old farm house with his wife Taryn.