Leo Balter

Sr. Open Web Engineer

Leo Balter is an Open Web Engineer at Bocoup, and is a leader in the open source community for his work on various projects that have shaped the direction of the open web. He is a consultant for Bocoup’s clients, helping them to improve their projects using open web technologies and open source methodology.

He has worked with web industry leaders including Google and Mozilla, and is part of the JS Foundation, previously known as jQuery Foundation. Among his many open source projects, Leo is a dev lead on QUnit, a JavaScript unit testing framework used by jQuery, Lodash, Ember.js, and many other projects.

He represents the JS Foundation at TC39 — the technical committee that designs the language specification for JavaScript. TC39, of ECMA International, releases the standards for the language, and as a delegate on the committee, Leo is one of the alterers of the JavaScript language. He is helping to define the new specifications of JavaScript’s international standard and asserting the language is properly tested on test262, the official tests repository.

Hailing from Brazil, Leo embodies the global nature of the open web community, having organized conferences in Rio de Janeiro before moving to Bocoup’s headquarters in Boston. He continues to work with and connect with JavaScript web development communities in Brazil, and is involved every day with Boston’s communities of developers.

His passion lies in making JavaScript the most useful as it can be, so that it can be used and consumed by everyone with great impact. As an influencer in the open web world, Leo is paving the way for the developers and tools of open source’s future.