Visualizing Data with D3.js

Is this Class Right For You?

This class is for moderately experienced JavaScript developers who are ready to build powerful visualizations using D3.js. If you’re very comfortable writing JavaScript and working with the DOM but new to D3, this class is ideal for you.


In this 2-day class, students will learn the building blocks of D3.js, as well as best practices and patterns for creating visualizations. Students will also learn all about creating reusable charts using d3.charts. Specific topics we’ll cover include:

  • Working with D3.js Selections
  • Data Binding
  • Transitions
  • Quantitative, Qualitative and Time Scales
  • Working with SVG and Canvas
  • Making Axes
  • Building Maps with d3.js
  • Layouts and Generators
  • Building reusable charts with d3.chart


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Here's what you'll need to get ready for your Bocoup Training experience:

  • Laptop with WiFi and a power cord.
  • Admin privileges on your machine.
  • SublimeText or an equivalent editor.
  • A modern browser.

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