Building Modular Applications

Is this Class Right For You?

This class is intended for advanced JavaScript developers who are interested in being introduced to the various JavaScript module paradigms and libraries in use today. You should be comfortable working with your computer’s file system and the command line.


Join us for two days of instruction and discussion about modularizing your JavaScript applications. The class includes a combination of lecture, discussion, plenty of examples, and getting your hands dirty with the tools you will learn in the class. A few of the topics we’ll cover include:

  • Benefits of modular web application architecture
  • Understanding module definition and composition
  • AMD-style modules and plugins with RequireJS
  • CommonJS-style modules and transforms with Browserify
  • Any-style modules with WebPack
  • Consuming third-party modules and submodules


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Here's what you'll need to get ready for your Bocoup Training experience:

  • Laptop with WiFi and a power cord.
  • Admin privileges on your machine.
  • SublimeText or an equivalent editor.
  • A modern browser.

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