Reliability, Standards & Testing

Our team is focused on the future of JavaScript, Web Browsers and Node.js. As active participants at Ecma International, the W3C, the WHATWG, and the JS Foundation we’re working to expand open technology standards to include specifications, multiple implementations, and robust test suites.

We work with browser implementers and embedders to maintain the standard test suites and develop the shared infrastructure that makes JavaScript, the Web and Node.js more predictable for web developers. If you implement technology standards, or work on a platform with multiple implementations, we'd love to work with you.


Our Past Reliability, Standards & Testing Work

Writing a regression test suite for the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices Examples.

Ensuring Correctness of W3C Accessibility Examples | Facebook

Making the Fieldset Element Interoperable and Useful.

Fieldset Interoperability | Mozilla

Making the Fieldset Element Interoperable and Useful.

Screenshot of a successful export of tests from WebKit to WPT.

Integrating Web Platform Tests with the WebKit project.

Web Platform Tests Integration with WebKit | WebKit

We developed a set of tools for importing and exporting test material from Web Platform Tests, and running the material in parallel within the WebKit build infrastructure.

Running 1.2 million conformance tests across 4 browsers every 24 hours

Web Platform Test Running | Google

Google funded us to develop infrastructure for running the entire Web Platform Tests suite against the 4 browser engines every day.

Improving Test262 integration with the WebKit project.

Test262 Integration with WebKit | WebKit

We developed a set of tools for importing and exporting test material from Test262, and running the material in parallel within the WebKit build infrastructure .

Burning Down Open Bugs in WPT

Web Platform Tests Infrastructure Maintenance | Google

Bocoup is working to stabilize Web Platform Tests infrastructure, making this shared test suite more reliable for browser teams.

Improving Test Author Workflow

Pull Request Validation for Web Platform Tests | Google

Bocoup created continuous integration tools for auto-running new WPT tests in each major browser.

Finding & Fixing Browser Compatibility Bugs

Web Navigation Compatibility | Mozilla

Mozilla's Firefox rendering team engaged us to search for incompatibilities between browsers and the HTML Navigation specification. We uncovered numerous bugs, including a rare one in all browsers.

Overseeing the Development of WebRTC Tests

WebRTC Test Reviewing | Google

We worked with WebRTC testers to increase testing consistency through weekly reviews.

Unifying and improving divergent test forks for the benefit of all.

Migrating Service Worker Tests to WPT | Google

The Google Chrome team wrote a large set of valuable tests for a new web standard. The team asked us to move them to a place where more people could use and improve them.

Extending the Official Test Suite for JavaScript

Test262 Support for V8 | Google

Bocoup worked with the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine team to extend Ecma Test262, the official test suite for the JavaScript language, to implement tests and to build smarter tooling for managing feature compliance across an increasingly large landscape of runtimes for JavaScript engines in web browsers.

Working with Facebook to develop the mobile web acid test suite.

Ringmark | Facebook

We worked with open source and standards engineers at Facebook in 2013 to develop a mobile web acid test suite to demonstrate what features needed in order to work properly on the mobile web.

Collaborated with the ChromeOS team to build a Web Audio API testing tool.

Web Audio Testing Tool | Google

The Chrome team engaged Bocoup to build a web application to exercise the full surface area of the Web Audio API so they could test their work.

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