Understand the goals of the people impacted the most by your product to craft strong, resilient experiences. We help you create accessible solutions to actual problems and opportunities for your users through research and strategy, interaction design, visual design, responsive web design, system and service design, as well as training and mentoring.

Our Past Design Work

open design kit

Open Design Kit

Bocoup conceived of and implemented this open source project to explain how to incorporate distributed design principles and methods into a design practice.


University of Washington Interactive Data Lab

The Bocoup Data Visualization team collaborated with the Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington to make custom exploration and analysis of data more accessible to a wider audience with Voyager, a visualization browser for open-ended data exploration.

JSI Family Planning Performance Dashboard

JSI Research & Training Institute

Bocoup helped JSI design, develop, and deploy a WordPress-powered dashboard for visualizing public health data and metrics. The dashboard helps Title X grantees keep track of progress across a core set of metrics while keeping data anonymized, relevant, and easily accessible on a wide array of mobile and web devices.

OpenVis Conf Design


The Bocoup design team established an original and evocative visual vocabulary and branding that appeal to a discerning audience of data visualization practitioners. The team designed a versatile logo, look-and-feel, creative swag, and interactive experiences to highlight the unique elements of each iteration of OpenVis Conf. Design has helped OpenVis Conf grow and evolve each year as a conference known for creative, thoughtful exploration of the frontiers of open data visualization.

A mock-up of the HBR.org homepage on a laptop and mobile device, side-by-side.

HBR Website Architecture

Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review partnered with Bocoup to translate the award-winning redesign of HBR.org into a performant and stable site through which HBR's global readership can access the latest ideas in business and management anytime, anywhere, on any device.