We closed our Design offering in August 2017. We're maintaining this page as an archive of work from the team.


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The Design offering from Bocoup was sunset in August 2017. We're maintaining this page as an archive of work from the team.

The Design team transformed Bocoup into a user-centered company, and left an indelible mark on our organization. During their tenure, the team created numerous tools and workshops to lead our engineering team and our customers through successful design projects. The team created accessible solutions to actual problems, and achingly beautiful interfaces.

We are very proud of the teams work, and excited to see them carry forward our shared values in their new roles. You can read about Bocoup's new direction here.


Our Past Design Work

pombot - A slackbot for time management

Designing for remote collaboration

Pombot | Bocoup

As we are often on teams that are not co-located, our product team had first hand experience with the communication challenges involved in synchronous or even asynchronous remote collaboration. We wanted a way to share what we were working on and feel like we were in the same space as each other (even if that just meant headspace).

A mock-up of the HBR.org homepage on a laptop and mobile device, side-by-side.

Improving UX & Performance with Responsive Architecture

HBR Website Architecture | Harvard Business Review

Bocoup focused on boosting mobile performance and stability for the new and award wining redesign of HBR.org.

open design kit

Methods for doing distributed design

Open Design Kit |

Bocoup conceived of and implemented this open source project to explain how to incorporate distributed design principles and methods into a design practice.

Assisting Family Planning Clinic Managers to Track and Drive Service Improvements with a Clinic Efficiency Dashboard

JSI Clinic Efficiency Dashboard | JSI Research & Training Institute

Bocoup worked with JSI to design and build a WordPress-powered application to empower family planning clinic and service site managers to transform their quality improvement metrics into insights and actionable data. The resulting web application enables clinics to improve efficiency while providing more informed, higher quality service for their patients.

Making data exploration and visual analysis more accessible with Voyager

Voyager | University of Washington Interactive Data Lab

The Bocoup Data Visualization team collaborated with the Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington to make custom exploration and analysis of data more accessible to a wider audience with Voyager, a visualization browser for open-ended data exploration.

Processing, analyzing and visualizing 800,000,000+ speed tests.

Measurement Lab | New America

Bocoup worked with Measurement Lab, a partnership between New America’s Open Technology Institute, Google Open Source Research, Princeton University’s PlanetLab and other supporting partners, to transform, visualize and broaden access to the results of hundreds of millions of network diagnostic tests from around the globe.

Making Health Data Actionable

Responsive Family Planning Dashboard | JSI Research & Training Institute

JSI worked with Bocoup to develop and ship this dashboard to help Title X grantees keep track of progress across a core set of metrics while keeping data anonymized, relevant, and accessible.

Building tangible interactive classroom activities to support economics education

Council for Economic Education, Learning Activities | Council for Economic Education

We worked with the Council for Economic Education to build interactive classroom activities around economic concepts. These enhanced activities are designed to allow teachers to make better use of instructional time, help students to explore cause-and-effect relationships between variables, and increase collaboration and active learning.

Evoking Open Data Visualization through Visual Branding

OpenVis Conf Design | Bocoup

The Bocoup design team established an original and evocative visual vocabulary and branding that appeal to a discerning audience of data visualization practitioners. The team designed a versatile logo, look-and-feel, creative swag, and interactive experiences to highlight the unique elements of each iteration of OpenVis Conf. Design has helped OpenVis Conf grow and evolve each year as a conference known for creative, thoughtful exploration of the frontiers of open data visualization.

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