We help your team understand the technologies they need to reliably deploy your infrastructure. By leveraging state-of-the-art open source configuration management tools, we aim to reduce human error in the deployment process. Whether your project is intended for two or two billion, we can help you ship it effortlessly.


Our Past Deployment Work

A mock-up of the homepage on a laptop and mobile device, side-by-side.

Improving UX & Performance with Responsive Architecture

HBR Website Architecture | Harvard Business Review

Bocoup focused on boosting mobile performance and stability for the new and award wining redesign of

Because Shipping Means Getting It Online

Modern Web Deployment Workflow | Bocoup

The Bocoup dev ops team created a series of Ansible playbooks as an internal resource for deploying projects at Bocoup. The playbooks equipped Bocoup team members with a workflow for deploying projects easily. We are sharing this time-saving resource with the community audience to offer a good baseline for deployment.

Making Open Source More Open

Improving Open Source Infrastructure | jQuery Foundation

Bocoup worked with the jQuery Foundation to increase accessibility and ease of maintenance for the Foundation's projects and contributors. We helped the jQuery team design and implement key features of their deployment infrastructure.

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Workshops by Bocoup: New Look, Same Great Taste

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Ansible-based Deployment Workflow for Modern Webapps and Websites

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