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For many developers, writing tests is a hassle that would be best put off till tomorrow. For one, nothing can compete with the direct impact of writing great application logic. No user ever shared feedback like, “The UI was really pleasant and the functional tests were well-organized and readable.” There’s not much I can say […]


Previously: On-Board: Intel Galileo Programming with JavaScript and Node.js When working with emerging platforms, it’s common to find yourself in a position where the platform itself requires some form of testing or validation. Often, it’s not clear how to execute these sort of validations. Thankfully, when the platform’s hardware and software is completely open, the […]

The Johnny-Five Tutorial Series is geared towards Arduino programming on Node.js, using the Johnny-Five framework. Get caught up here. A tilt sensor is a component that senses its own change in inclination. Similar to a button, tilt sensors are activated through a physical interaction mechanism; in the tilt sensor case, this is the act of […]

Software development is a lot like meeting a friend for dinner. I’m serious! Every now and then I find myself sitting at a restaurant bar at 6:58 waiting for my friend to show up for our 7 o’clock reservation. All of a sudden I get a text: “Running 5 minutes late. See you soon.” Well, […]

The 5-dimensional Web Today’s web has at least five dimensions: Width Height Time – Site content is constantly changing and being added. Hardware – Content needs to be usable on a variety of devices. Software – Different users have different browser capabilities and settings. Good websites embrace this complexity as a competitive advantage. Bad websites […]

Paul Irish recently gave a talk at Bocoup with a dire warning: “The Mobile Web is in Trouble.” The general theme of the talk, somewhat apparent from the title, revolved around developers moving to native apps for performance, capabilities and discoverability. Near the end of the talk he offered a challenge–developers working on the Open […]

Introducing Grunt v0.4 For the last nine months, I’ve been working with Ben and our team of fantastic contributors to modularize the Grunt codebase. Today, we’re happy to announce that Grunt v0.4 has been published to npm. Hold on to your hats, a lot has changed! Architectural Improvements The primary focus of this version can […]

I may as well come out and say it. In 2010, I leapt directly from Dreamweaver to vim as my primary editor. (I’ve been told that I may be the only person ever to have made this jump, but have no concrete evidence to substantiate this claim.) I had grown tired of Dreamweaver’s engorged appetite […]

Yesterday marked an exciting moment for myself and Bocoup. I spent the day at the White House Safety Data Jam in Washington, D.C., as part of the launch of the new Safety Data Initiative. As one of a group of 40 participants, I was invited to join other top technologists in the country as well […]

I’ve recently been working on an update to JavaScript Debug, which has me doing a lot of cross-browser testing, and I noticed a few “interesting quirks” with try…catch in Internet Explorer 6-8 that I couldn’t find documented anywhere. The Backstory Since the primary goal of JavaScript Debug is to normalize the console cross-browser, I’ve been […]

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