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The Bocoup Data Visualization team will be at the Eyeo Festival in beautiful Minneapolis this week. We’re looking forward to learning, getting inspired, and meeting friends and colleagues from all over the world. If you’re attending too, be sure to say hello! Meanwhile, we wanted to share some of our latest work: In April, we […]

Following five excellent years of service, K.Adam White has left Bocoup. What can you do in five years of participation on the open web? K.Adam’s answer: quite a lot. K.Adam’s main squeeze has always been WordPress. He’d already made a name for himself in that project before he joined up at Bocoup, and he kept […]


In part one of this series we started learning how to make maps rendered by WebGL, a browser based hardware-accelerated graphics API for 2D and 3D graphics. Our access to this technology was via Tangram, a map rendering library from Mapzen. This post will focus primarily on shaders, those perplexing parallel programs that power our […]

How do you visualize the “Health of the Internet”? This was the challenge posed to the Data Vis team at Bocoup by our client Measurement Lab, a nonprofit that collects millions of Internet speed tests every month from around the world since 2009. This data is invaluable to policy makers, researchers, and the general public […]

If you are a web developer working on a Mac, you can become a hero for thousands of people out there by assuring that anything you create for the web can be read properly by a screen reader. This blog post is going to teach you how to access and wield this super power that […]

Maps are both practical and political. They possess undoubtable utility for navigating the physical world and have a long history of being used to shape and reshape the our social and political conceptions of the world. The ability to mark a territory, carve up a continent (or remember one), count a people, or map our […]


2016 was an exciting year for the Bocoup DataVis team – we wanted to start a new tradition of sharing some of our key highlights, and telling you more about the fun things to come this year. Here goes! 2016 In summary (in no particular order): The very excellent Peter Beshai joined our team, bringing with […]


Much like the rest of the country, we’ve been mesmerized by the election and the coverage surrounding it. This election, more than any previous, has spurred conversations and challenges previously unseen, raising questions around political discourse and campaigning nationwide. We’ve been thinking a lot about those very questions, especially in the coming crescendo of election […]


Last week, in the first of our series on Accessibility Wins, we looked at setting up a good foundation by using HTML and ARIA roles properly. This week we’re going to dive into the world of making sure that people can navigate your site using their keyboard. Many, many people use just their keyboards for […]

Recent communication apps, like Slack, have lowered the barrier of entry for the use of bots to increase productivity. There are many techniques that I, personally, have tried in the past for time management, but none that I ever ended up fully adopting. Despite that, I always have been fascinated with what my colleagues were […]

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