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While data visualization is growing as a medium on the Open Web, practitioners of the field still struggle to make data visualization “work” on different screens. The question “how do I render at different sizes?” is an important one, but only tackles a portion of the greater challenge of “what does it mean to create […]

A Framework for Creating Reusable Charts with d3.js We’ve been working more and more with d3.js here at Bocoup with clients and as part of the Miso Project. As much as we love the library and are grateful that it exists, we’ve also run head-on into architectural issues with some of the patterns commonly used […]

Mozilla recently announced FirefoxOS, an innovative project for mobile devices that uses Open Web standards to write UI and applications in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The team at Mozilla has done an incredible amount of work connecting a version of Gecko made specifically for the mobile operating system, to Gaia, the web technology-driven UI of […]

Introducing Grunt v0.4 For the last nine months, I’ve been working with Ben and our team of fantastic contributors to modularize the Grunt codebase. Today, we’re happy to announce that Grunt v0.4 has been published to npm. Hold on to your hats, a lot has changed! Architectural Improvements The primary focus of this version can […]

I’ve just returned from the future, and I have a lot to share with you. World news, sports scores, market changes, all that stuff can wait. First, we need to talk about third-party JavaScript. There’s a great deal of browser technology on the way that will affect the way you write code. Here, I’ll focus […]


(In a previous article, I introduced a convenient method for shipping stylesheets with your third-party JavaScript application.) When styling content in your third-party JavaScript application, you have a unique challenge to overcome: interference. The publisher may have used any number of techniques to define styles, and many of them threaten to modify the appearance of […]


As a practicing masochist, I have recently developed an interest in third-party JavaScript application development. I’m not alone: third-party JavaScript (or “3PJS”) applications are becoming more and more common on the web (see Disqus, Optimizely, and Google Analytics, for instance). Like any developing methodology, best practices are constantly being explored and re-defined. In this article, […]


See all in the Ringmark Gallery series Last week, Facebook and Bocoup announced a partnership and W3C Community Group initiative to raise the awareness of the development needs of The Mobile Web as a platform. This announcement included the unveiling of a “mobile acid test”, dubbed Ringmark. Ringmark runs real-time inference, functional and practical application […]

We are excited to announce a new web application for exploring AngelList Data that we’ve been working on with our friends at Atlas Venture and AngelList: Startup Data Trends → We built this application with Backbone.js and the Backbone Boilerplate on top of the new AngelList REST data API. We used Jake and Capistrano for […]

Bocoup is excited to be working with Gradient Studios to port the hit mobile game Fieldrunners, by Subatomic Studios, to HTML5. This is the second in a series of weekly development blog posts. Last time, I posted about some basic WebGL particle system benchmarks we ran. We were extremely pleased with the results. The next […]

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