Bocoup as a company arose from the open source software community, and we participate in or lead many open source software projects. When I was asked to keynote WordCamp Portland, Maine, a regional WordPress community event, I described how I think open source communities may become supportive learning communities. If you ask a WordPress contributor […]

We launched our first production WP API project back in 2014; both the API itself and our understanding of how best to use it have evolved a lot since then! The Rest API project makes WordPress more than a platform—it makes it viable as a component that developers can integrate into other systems. In this […]

Over the past thirteen years WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging application into a publishing platform capable of supporting everything from high-traffic content sites to e-commerce storefronts, and WordPress currently drives approximately a quarter of the top websites in the world. With a robust, modern REST API, WordPress can grow even further: WordPress can […]

Given at Microsoft’s JS Open Day NYC

Given at JSConf Colombia

The once and future web, by Mat Marquis.

Given at Thunder Plains JS, 2014

Given at TXJS 2015

Who Visualized the Bomp? by Jenn Schiffer at Web Rebels 2015 from Web Rebels Conference on Vimeo. Given at Web Rebels 2015

KAdam dives into why side projects are an important part of our work as developers, and gives some examples of how we can explore and learn as part of our daily practice

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