Coaching and Support

Home-grow your own top-notch developers

Bocoup helps developers improve their app development skills and organizations grow talent from the inside with JavaScript and front-end development coaching for small teams.

Pair Programming & Code Reviews

Two sets of eyes are often better than one, especially when working through a new or particularly difficult problem. Your coach can help you discover trouble spots and missed opportunities before code ends up in production.

Code Organization

If your code base is becoming ever-more-difficult to maintain, your coach will use their experience building client-side apps to put you on a path back to sanity.

Workflow Optimization

A lot of front-end development time is spent on repetitive, complex tasks. Your coach can help you get set up with tools like Grunt and Gith that take some of the pain out of testing, building, and deployment.


Sometimes, nothing beats spending an intense day or two focused on a particular topic. Your coach will recommend courses, events, reading material, and other learning opportunities that will benefit your team.

Tooling & Library Guidance

There's a huge universe of open-source tools and libraries out there; your coach can help you choose the right one for the job, and then help you navigate the process of getting started.

Coaching at Bocoup starts with a conversation - email us at to learn how we can help your team.