Transitioning industries to the Open Web.

Best-in-class software consulting for web applications, development workflows, games, data visualization, multimedia, and anything else on the Open Web.

Our Clients

We developed Open Web demos for the IE 10 and Windows 8 web platform team, and continue to work with Microsoft developer relations on evangelizing the Open Web Platform. View our work on IE Testdrive.

We worked with Linkedin to roll out best practices for test-driven workflows and code organization within their web engineering organization.

We trained Disney’s engineers on using jQuery for internal and customer facing products across the organization.

We audited Duolingo’s large and long running front-end backbone web application and made recommendations for improving speed and performance.

We worked closely with the Facebook developer relations group to create tools and evangelize best practices for building software on the Open Web Platform.

We worked with the Google Chrome team to improve the Web Audio API and develop tools for testing it, and continue to work closely with Open Web developer relations teams at Google on moving the Open Web forward.

We worked with Mass Mutual and IDEO to develop the technology behind, a new web based financial planning product and companion in store management tool.

We worked with Climate Central to build Surging Seas Risk Finder, a screening-level visual planning tool that provides local sea level rise and flood risk projections.

We designed and produced the layout, data visualizations and iconography for The Report of the High Level Panel on the Post 2015 Development Agenda, a report which sets out a universal agenda to eradicate extreme poverty by 2030, and deliver on the promise of sustainable development.

In 2010, Mozilla engaged Bocoup to work to design and develop Popcorn.js, the HTML5 Video JS library. Today, we’re working with Mozilla on the future of Open Web telephony: Firefox OS.

We worked with Harvard University in 2010 to build Stacklife, a new visual search tools for their enormous library of books using SVG & VML with Raphaëljs & jQuery.

We worked with Rue La La to build a large scale internal web application for managing’s realtime auction store front.

We implemented software designed at the University of Chicago and funded by NASA for tracking gamma ray anomalies in outerspace.

We worked with ESPN to improve internal workflow software, and consumer facing applications that use jQuery.

Ebay engaged us to help the PayPal group adopt new open technologies and workflows, and to develop new products.

We worked with Sosolimited to build Reconstitution 2012, an experimental visualization and web application linked to the US Presidential Debates.

We trained Travelers Insurance’s engineers on using jQuery in internal software.

We train Intuit’s engineers on using HTML5 for their customer facing products.

We worked with Hasbro to improve internal management software, and business to business applications that use jQuery.

We developed HTML5 mobile checkout software for Walmart’s in-store checkout app.

We trained Network Solutions’ engineers on using jQuery for internal projects.

We built JavaScript libraries to seamlessly bind the Crashlytics APIs into various application frameworks. Crashlytics was acquired by twitter.

We worked with the Cloudant engineering team to build the admin panels that make up the dashboard developers use to manage their Cloudant instances.

We built large scale sentiment anlysis infrastructure with our friends at SOSO Limited to power the EDF visualization of UK sentiment on the London Eye for the 2012 Olympics.

We worked with the MIT Sea Grant Program to design a real time multi-player game geared towards promoting ocean literacy among high-school students.

We implemented interactive video experiences on the Zeega Platform including Reinvention Stories and Sonic Trace, where we finally had a chance to use Stamen’s awesome watercolor maps.

We worked closely with Brightcove to provide early feedback on the Brightcove App Cloud, an app platform for building native iOS and Android apps with HTML5, and used it to develop an HTML5 based iOS and Android application for a Brightcove customer.

We play a pretty large role in the jQuery community through open source, but we also regularly contract for the foundation implementing jQuery’s 20 websites, and infrastructure, and the infrastructure that enables 30 million pageviews a day on them.

We worked with the team to develop the Career Tree visualization (demo), a cross browser, cross platform SVG/VML career visualization for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet. Read our blog post about this project.

We worked with Gradient Studios to port the top ten iPad game Field Runners to HTML5 on behalf of Subatomic Studios. We used WebGL to achieve amazing 3D explosions, and WebAudio to achieve awesome real time synthesized sound effects. Install it now in Chrome!

We’ve worked with BC on a handful of projects including a new framework for mobile web application development, the BC mobile web commencement app, and this mortgage calculator.

We designed and built Kioos’ 3rd party JavaScript widgets to power customer loyalty programs on shopping websites.

We worked with this seed funded email startup on the first version of web mail client for sales people.

We built a responsive mobile web and desktop JavaScript application for Pixable, the social photo discovery tool. Visit the app here.

We implemented a series of interfaces for this community driven compendium of obscure places around the world that launched on June 4th 2009.

We developed several classroom learning tools in the browser for this federally funded education research group.

We built a mobile web application to support non-native user’s of the product which was acquired by cisco.

We worked with the Council to design and build interactive financial literacy classroom activities.

We trained Zipcars’ engineers on building large scale single page web applications.

We worked with Pioneer to design new mobile web visual analytics tools for farmers to use in day-to-day fertilization decision making.

We worked with Constant Contact to design and build email authoring tools for their core products.

We contracted on two Knight funded projects before we recieved our own two grants to build Open Gender Tracker, a tool to help journalists and researchers determine gender balance in traditional news stories and citizen media, and MobileVis, a gallery of data visualization on mobile devices.

We developed this HTML5 Canvas and ProcessingJS real-time server monitoring visualization tool for Cloudkick, the cloud management company. As seen on [view demo]

We defined a data management workflow and built a publishing system for the Forum’s global indexes, indicators and economy profiles. We then designed and built reusable visualizations (using d3.charts) and interfaces that were interlinked across the site.

We improved the performance of Stackdriver’s cloud infrastructure analytics interfaces in the case where thousands of nodes in a network caused thousands of lines in a time series chart. We got UI load time under a second, down from 20 seconds. Stackdriver was acquired by Google.

We worked with the Guardian to develop a suite of open source web data visualization tools to support the editorial staff in creating visual narratives for the newspaper. We also designed and implemented numerous interactive visualizations over the course of 2012, including the Somalia famine piece, and the US food aid contracts piece.

We worked with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to audit their development methodology and recommend workflow enhancements and best practices to improve overall efficiency.

We designed and built third party JavaScript libaries and developer tools for developers for Swoop, the local offers widget for your website. Our libraries and tools power Swoop’s customers’ integrations.

We provided technical guidance and development as GSN Games built the new mobile HTML5 versions of, Solitaire Rush, and Wheel of Fortune.

We developed this Chrome extension and Firefox addon for the Cirrus Insight Gmail app, integrating Salesforce into Gmail. The app quickly became the number 2 paid app in the Salesforce marketplace.