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Open Device Lab

As part of our dedication to the Open Web, we want to make sure we’re building a web that’s available to everyone — regardless of the devices, browsers, or connections they’ve used to access it. For that reason, we’re making our test lab available to the entire community, free of charge.

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OpenVis Conf

April 6 & 7, 2015 Boston, MA

The Open Web data visualization conference.


June 18 & 19, 2015 New York, NY

The conference for designers and developers who are shaping how the web is experienced.


July 24, 2015 Austin, TX

The community conference returns for a day of JavaScript served up Texas-style.

Code of Conduct

All delegates, speakers, sponsors, attendees and volunteers at any Bocoup event are required to adhere to our code of conduct.

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Open Source Projects


Grunt came out of Bocoup’s ongoing workflow development, and we continue to run the project.

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We have long been contributing to the jQuery project. Today there are 7 contributors and 4 core team members at Bocoup triaging and patching bugs and working on docs and infrastructure.

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We’ve been building web applications with Angular for the past year, made core contributions to the project, written a lot of documentation for the framework, and done brand development for the project.

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We’ve been building web applications with Ember internally and for customers. Through that work we’ve written a lot of documentation for the project, and made some core contributions.

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We’ve built code organization tools in the Miso project, written documentation, and designed the logo for the project.

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We’ve implemented numerous modules for FFOS, including the clock, SMS, MMS and keyboard along with authoring documentation and implementing several infrastructure tools for code sharing and testing.

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We are actively contributing to Backbone.js, with a focus on patching, bug fixing, community support, releasing plugins & boilerplates, and evangelizing best practices.

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We’ve contributed new features, bug fixes, and documentation to the Marionette project, and helped build a large, active community of contributors.

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The Miso Project

Miso grew out of our ongoing data visualization work, and we continue to run the project.

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Johnny-Five grew out of our team’s interest in controlling hardware with JavaScript and was created during open source time at Bocoup.

source | demo | more info


We designed and implemented the API for what is now Popcorn.js, the HTML5 video framework and are actively working on the project. Read our blog post on popcorn.

source | demo | more info


We’ve been building software and systems with Apache CouchDB, and it’s commercial forks over the years. We have also contributed documentation to the project, and are now working on new couch admin tools.

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We are editors of this specification for building APIs in JSON. We use it for all of our internal tooling and for many of our client projects.

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Bocoup is an active member of the Node.js community, releasing numerous open source modules.

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We are actively contributing to Gulp.js, including improvements to its shared dependencies with Grunt: Liftoff.

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We are the primary maintainers of this industry-standard linting tool which we make heavy use of in our workflows.

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Provides highly performant, low level Git operations in JavaScript. Maintained by Bocoup and a community of developers from around the world.

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We contribute to Test262, the official test suite for the JavaScript language.

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The Loft

If you're in Boston and you care about the open web, you should stop by the Bocoup Loft, the community events space for Open Web technology where Bocoup is headquartered.

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