Firefox OS

Mozilla recently announced FirefoxOS, an innovative project for mobile devices that uses Open Web standards to write UI and applications in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The team at Mozilla has done an incredible amount of work connecting a version of Gecko made specifically for the mobile operating system, to Gaia, the web technology-driven UI of […]

I am very proud to announce that Popcorn.js hit 0.2 today. The Popcorn.js team has been working hard to deliver a stable, documented and unit tested JavaScript toolbelt for working with HTML5 <video>. Popcorn.js 0.2 rethinks Popcorn.js 0.1 as an event system for HTML5 <video> with an API, a plugin system, and strong adherence to […]

Popcorn.js, the HTML5 <video> framework, is getting a facelift. Rick, Al and I spent last weekend working on Popcorn with Anna and Scott from the Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) at Seneca College on the forthcoming release of Popcorn JS. The History Bocoup’s own Nick Cammaratta attended a week long code sprint for […]

Bocoup, being enormously generous, gave me this week off to work on the open source project Popcorn.js at Mozilla, Toronto. Popcorn.js is sponsored by Web Made Movies, Mozilla’s Open Video Lab, a Mozilla Drumbeat project. Popcorn will allow film makers to do a lot of cool stuff with html5 <video> such as adding credits, subtitles, […]