Recently, we announced our Knight Foundation Prototype Grant to work on Data Voyager, a tool for exploring the breadth and depth of a particular dataset with ease through automated visualization recommendations. Data Voyager was originally created as a research project by Jeff Heer’s Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington (with implementation led by […]

We’re excited to announce the Voyager project as one of 22 recipients of a Knight Foundation Prototype Grant. The grant is designed specifically to support early-stage explorations in media and information aligned with Knight Foundation’s mission to support “transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts.” The goal […]

Back in January, we announced the receipt of a Prototype Fund grant from Knight Foundation to explore the question: how does one design data visualization for mobile devices? Why are we asking this question? Data Visualization is common in everyday communication online and in print media. As consumers shift to mobile devices for their daily […]

Translating data visualization to smaller resolutions is a challenge that can’t be solved with responsive design techniques alone. New interaction models and different visualization techniques are required to accomodate smaller interfaces. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this problem as part of our consulting work and are very excited to be one of […]

Computationally Tracking Gender Balance in News Content with Open Web Technologies Last fall, the Knight Foundation granted us from the Prototype Fund to build OpenGenderTracker, a suite of open source tools for analyzing and visualizing gender representation in journalism through the examination of pronouns in bylines and news content. Bocoupers Irene Ros and Adam Hyland […]