Upon first thought, you might think that synchronized playback of two video elements would be simple – however – because the timeupdate event of the video element is indeterminate beyond its specification description of “Every 15 to 250ms, or whenever the MediaController’s media controller position changes”, this is actually non-trivial. Today, on the Web Made […]

I am very proud to announce that Popcorn.js hit 0.2 today. The Popcorn.js team has been working hard to deliver a stable, documented and unit tested JavaScript toolbelt for working with HTML5 <video>. Popcorn.js 0.2 rethinks Popcorn.js 0.1 as an event system for HTML5 <video> with an API, a plugin system, and strong adherence to […]

Popcorn.js, which I wrote about recently, is an infant javascript library that allows film makers to better showcase their videos on the web using html5’s video element. Using popcorn, directors can incorporating social media and integrate several features such as subtitles and credits that may be beneficial in the context of the web. Although typically, […]

Bocoup, being enormously generous, gave me this week off to work on the open source project Popcorn.js at Mozilla, Toronto. Popcorn.js is sponsored by Web Made Movies, Mozilla’s Open Video Lab, a Mozilla Drumbeat project. Popcorn will allow film makers to do a lot of cool stuff with html5 <video> such as adding credits, subtitles, […]