Imagine you are working in your shell, you could be in any directory anywhere, but you want to go to ~/Projects/MyProject. You’re probably used to typing something like this: cd ~/Proj[tab]/MyPro[tab] Wouldn’t it be nice if you could end up in the exact folder you want with just: cd MyProject The CDPATH environment variable Much like the […]

The “Wayback Machine” is one of the more important services in the history of the Internet (and happens to be named after a great gag on the old Rocky & Bullwinkle show). From about 2001 through 2005 it could be counted on it to give you a reasonable snapshot of many of the home pages […]

Ever wonder how many files or lines of code are sitting in your project? Hop on the command line and run the following find commands in your bash Find the number of files in the current directory (runs recursively down into all subdirectories): find . | wc -l Find how many lines of code are […]