It was more than two years ago now that I first published jQuery Fundamentals, a free online jQuery learning resource. Since then, the site has seen hundreds of thousands of visits — if you’ve learned jQuery in the last two years, chances are decent that you’ve landed on the page at least once or twice. […]

Get the complete code on github. It’s always exciting when a new major jQuery version (x.x.0) full of bug fixes, new features and performance improvements is released. But that fresh, out of the box excitement can get replaced with anxiety if you find bugs or performance issues with the latest version. This post will cover […]

Google AuthSub follows a common oAuth style handshake flow. Unfortunately, it is not immediately clear how to implement this flow with the AuthSub GData JavaScript Library using their documentation examples or the library’s API. I recently implemented the flow for a Google Contacts viewer that we are working on here at Bocoup, and thought I […]

This article describes processes and policies that are no longer in use. It’s preserved in its entirety for historic record only. If you’ve ever been interested in contributing to jQuery, but simply had no idea how to get started, I’ve created the following jQuery Bug Fixing Guide to walk through the steps of fixing bugs […]

I feel like I've given jQuery UI a bad rap. I passed judgement too fast. At first glance, it was a pile of rigid prefab user interface objects generated by jQuery being peddled as 'official'. I know now that it's much more. jQuery UI is not (just) about a fancy accordion slider. It's a framework […]

This was too good to not repost… If you have any interest at all in JavaScript performance optimization, then this publication by Jeff Roberson will be of great interest. In this article Jeff dissects RegEx’s found in jQuery and provides insight as well as suggestions to improve them either in performance or syntax. Each example […]

As I become more and more obsessed with Quora, I’m finding more and more questions that I answer seem to feel right as standalone blog posts. The latest even includes an interesting discovery: What’s the cleanest way to intentionally and reliably return a jQuery object that selects nothing? There were two answers already posted to […]

The Publish Subscribe or pub/sub pattern is used to logically decouple object(s) that generate an event, and object(s) that act on it. It is a useful pattern for object oriented development in general and especially useful when developing asynchronous Javascript applications. This post explores its implementation in jQuery. The Dojo javascript framework provides an explicit […]

Today, keyboard navigation went live on the new jQuery documentation site: Rick worked really hard on getting the interaction just right, and we think this makes using the documentation a faster and easier experience . We hope that this feature improves developers’ interaction with the documentation. We recently had the opportunity to work with […]