This year Intel and Bocoup joined forces to show what you can do at home with the Intel Edison and Johnny-Five. We built a roving robot with streaming video and touchscreen controls in a few days using off-the-shelf parts and under 600 lines of code. We named it Reconbot. Build and drive a robot with […]


Looking for some creative inspiration for your next hardware programming project? Come meet Rick Waldron, Francis Gulotta, and five of their newest robot friends this weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire, May 20-22! Reconbots are WiFi car devices you drive from your phone using their live video stream and touchscreen controls. They are powered […]

Back in April I wrote about Bocoup’s excitement for the recently announced Tessel 2 in “Pushing NodeBots Into The Future with Tessel 2”. Since then, we’ve worked side-by-side with the Tessel Project to help them realize their platform vision for the next stage in the evolution of the Tessel. With shipping underway, we’re excited to […]

After three years of community development, Johnny-Five has its own home on the web – we’re thrilled to announce! The new site combines content from the repo, the wiki, tutorials from the Bocoup blog and several third-party websites into a single, easily-discoverable source: If you want to find the API documentation, that’s right here. […]

On March 5, 2015, Technical Machine announced the next generation of their Tessel platform: the Tessel 2. Additionally, Technical Machine announced a prototype-to-production service for products that are built with the Tessel 2. These are both very exciting developments for the future of NodeBots. According to Technical Machine, the Tessel 2 builds on and grows […]

In case you missed it, Rick Waldron and I got together recently to talk about Johnny Five, a library that lets you control an Arduino using JavaScript. Rick showed off some of his Johnny Five creations — including a dancing robot — and I got to geek out a bit more about shift registers and […]