Boaz Sender

CEO at Bocoup

In his capacity as CEO at Bocoup, Boaz is responsible for collecting Bocoup’s vision from the team, reevaluating the company’s strategy on an ongoing basis and supporting the company’s three business units. Day to day, he works on developing new practical business areas through which Bocoup will articulate its mission and writing software for internal tools.

Boaz has spent the last five years at Bocoup helping our customers adopt the Open Web at the core of their businesses. Long prior to Bocoup, during his time in day care at the MIT Sloan School (where his mother taught business), Boaz participated in Logo programming and other experiments run by the Lifelong Kindergarten group. Years later, he worked as a front-end developer for a dot-com where he programmed video players and supported IE 5. Boaz almost graduated from a liberal arts college where he studied philosophy, anthropology, history and art.

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