Building Web Applications with Backbone

Learn the basics of Model-View-Controller architecture with Backbone in order to build stable, maintainable web applications.

Is this class right for you?

This class is intended for experienced JavaScript developers who are ready to build thin, powerful web applications using Backbone.js. If you’re comfortable writing web applications but are new to Backbone - or are familiar with Backbone and ready to build your first application - this class is ideal for you.


Attendees will learn to develop applications with a balance of flexibility and structure. In addition to the basics, this class will dive into advanced topics encompassing the latest browser technology such as routing with the HTML5 History API.

In this two-day course, we’ll cover:

  • Philosophy and Structure of MVC Applications
  • Loosely-Coupling Objects using Events
  • Handling Data with Backbone Models and Collections
  • Expressing the User Interface with Backbone Views
  • Single-Page Application History Management and Routing

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